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The Chicago Bliss is a team in the Lingerie Football League. It was created after the 2004 tournament as Chicago Passion, but the name was soon changed to Chicago Bliss.

Current RosterEdit

(Last updated: December 25, 2010)

  1. Angela Yangas
  2. Sarah Swanson
  3. Kelli Leabu
  4. No player with this number.
  5. Laritta Webb
  6. Nadia Bedrickey
  7. Danielle Moinet
  8. Stacey Jarrett
  9. Kimberly Anderson
  10. Yahshi Rice
  11. Stephanie Thurston
  12. Jennifer Sharp
  13. Nikki Lee
  14. Kia Wagner
  15. Heather Furr
  16. Laura Quinn
  17. Shannon Rene
  18. No player with this number.
  19. Deborah Poles
  20. Tasha Pryor

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2005 Edit

Roster: 1 Yvette Nelson, 4 Catherine Chiarelli, 6 Stephanie Wells, 7 Bridgette Tomarchio

Results: Bliss lost to New York Euphoria in semifinal.

Note: The initially presented roster was: Yvette Nelson, Candi Jones, Catherine Chiarelli, Chelsea Rangsikitpho, Cynthia Renae, Deedee Buzzi, Kelley Britz, Stephanie Wells, Bridgetta Tomarchio, Ali Willingham, Corinne Saffell, Ebony Jointer, Nikki Zeno.

2006 Edit

Roster: Christy Hemme, Corinne Saffell, Danielle Diaz, Ebony Jointer, Ali Willingham, Candi Jones, Amanda Carrier, Nikki Zeno, Amy McCarthy, Joanne McCarthy, Angel Archer.

Results: Bliss lost to New York Euphoria in semifinal.

Note: The initial roster included also Flor Bermudez, Ursula Mayes and Holly Weber. Without these three players a place was vacant and it was assigned to Carrier.

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